Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This one time... on a Reality set...

I was reminiscent of my time in reality television the other night and was remembering some not so fun times I had on set. This post is going to be my "so this one time at band camp" type entry. So this one time... on a reality set I was on a restaurant make over show and got the task of being apart of the night crew and having to actually do a lot of the manual labor needed for the makeover. I remember it being 3am and upholstering restaurant chairs and hanging up light fixtures. The worst part of that job was when we were moving out the old stoves and other kitchen appliances (which were heavy as all hell btw) and low and behold a family of dead, pancaked, half burnt and decomposed rats! As disgusting as it was I am happy to say (sarcastically) I drew the lucky straw of the bunch and had to actually physically take them out one by one. Yeah I had gloves on but it was not a fun experience.

Id have to say that was one of the worst jobs I had to do on set... the second would be having to clean the bathroom on a set of 40 people after 3 weeks of use. That was not any fun either, did i mention it overflowe and there was about a foot depth of water everywhere... and oh yeah theres that other thing, IM NOT A PLUMBER! So needless to say I had no idea wtf i was doing. 3 long hours later lets just says I smelt... FRESH!

Thirdly I'd have to say taking my producers dog for a walk and having to pick up poop for a week wasn't any better. It was defiantly a gut check I must say, but hey, you do what you gotta do to make it right? I forgot to mention I also had to pick up their dry cleaning, grab them coffee, buy them M&M's and remove all the red one (he was allergic to the dye) and find him organic fresh squeezed cranberry juice... If you don't know that's almost impossible to find in New York City! At the end of my stint working for him on that show lets just say he was my least favorite Executive Producer... He was a royal dick!

I had the not so pleasurable opportunity to work with some celebrities as well. I say not so pleasant because at least for the most part, all the celebs I worked with or for were douche-bags! Weird, entitled, conceded and just flat out ignorant. I wont mention names for obvious reason but 2 names i will mention on the opposite end of the spectrum are Ozzie and Sharon Osbourne. I had the pleasure of working with them on a Green Screen shoot at Sony Studios in Manhattan and you could not meet any 2 nicer people. They were very kind and friendly, spoke to everyone no matter what title or age they were and if you didn't know any better they fit right in and you'd think they were just normal everyday average people like me or you. Ozzie even got me a drink...! And let me tell you something that man still has quite a voice... no post editing in his albums that's all Ozzie baby.

I guess the point of this entry was to share a few different first hand stories I had on set of Reality TV... its not all Hollywood I can tell you than much...

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